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Increase/decrease the number of perfume sprays of either Amplified or Intimate formulation to increase/decrease the intensity and longevity of the perfume. 4-6 sprays are recommended as an initial application. 1-2 sprays to top up if needed.

Apply our perfume any way you like, however for best longevity apply as follows:

Hold the spray pump approx. 3cm from the skin’s surface (The closer the better). Spray the perfume in a single, concentrated spot about the size of a large coin onto upper outside part of the forearm, where the skin thicker, keratin rich and perfume binds best to the skin. Avoid spraying perfume into the air unnecessarily, always aim carefully for your target area.

AVOID RUBBING perfume after application. Rubbing more than doubles the surface area of evaporation, which in turn more than halves perfumes’ longevity. (This is what happens when applying perfume to the wrists and dabbing it all over)

Spraying on the inner, hidden surfaces of garments and your hair, are excellent ways to enhance your perfume’s longevity. This also decreases risks of allergic reactions. Inert objects retain the perfume’s olfactive properties best. They bear neither the heat or sweat that skin does, which affects the dry-down and longevity of a perfume.



To resolve blocked spray pumps, remove the nozzle portion and rinse with warm water (Not all perfume ingredients evaporate fully and can form a soluble residue over time)



Store perfume upright to prevent any leaking in a cool, dark place (Light, oxygen and heat will oxidise/damage your perfume over time)

Always wipe any perfume residue from your perfume bottle or any other surface after use with a damp cloth/tissue. (Avoiding damage that can be caused by a perfume’s excellent solvent properties)



A-Grade Parfum Essence|ethanol (denat.) | Isopropyl myristate | Aqua | Prop.glyc. | BHT | TBHQ

TPG reserves the right to alter perfume formulations to improve olfactive characteristics or to comply with industry best practices and relevant legislation.



Flammable contents

DO NOT LEAVE A FULL PERFUME BOTTLE IN A CAR IN THE HOT SUN – IT WILL BURST (Perfumes have high expansion and evaporation rates when heated – far greater than that of glass)

Use of the product is at own risk. If sprayed into eyes, wash with running water and don’t do it again. Do not ingest perfume. It tastes as bad as it smells good. In small quantities it’s not poisonous, but due to its volatile nature may cause choking. Allergic reactions or skin irritations due to the natural and synthetic ingredients found in perfume, is possible, but rare. Should this occur, discontinue use and wash the skin with soap and water. Avoid the neck or torso where skin is more sensitive. Rather spray onto outer forearms where skin is tougher. Due to the high ethanol content of perfumes, like most sanitisers, the ethanol destroys good and bad skin microbes. Alternate where you apply your perfume to avoid skin irritations over time. 

Be careful not to spray the perfume directly onto outer garments, it’s solvent properties may cause temporary stains or affect the colour pigments or fine materials of a garment.  



T&C’s may apply, info is provided without prejudice to TPG’s rights. TPG’s perfume expressions have no relation to other products. All publicly available references are for indicative purpose only. TPG expertly interpret and enhance sought after olfactive characteristics for your delight, presented in its own distinctive branded packaging.



Unsatisfied? For a refund or exchange of equal value, complete the warranty info, attach your proof of purchase and return the unused portion of the purchase to any TPG store within 30 days of purchase.

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