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3 01178 Buy for more than R199 and buy the 100ml Tissue Oil SPF 25 UVA for only R119 and save R90.  The power of SPF 25 and UVA in an Oil.  Reduce sun damage in 7 days*.  R 119.00  R    90.00
4 00750 100ml Tissue Oil Original.  See the difference now twice as fast.  Soften & elasticise skin.  Improves skin's texture.  Reduce lines & wrinkles.  R 125.00  R    74.00
5 89902 200ml Bonus Size.  Tissue Oil Original.  A skin renewing facial and body oil enriched with vitamin E and naturally derived oils to help:  Firm skins appearance, reduce the look of scars and stretch marks and strengthen skins barrier.  R 199.00  R   100.00
5 23474 60ml Tissue Oil Original.  Save to use during Pregnancy, Helps nourish dry, rough skin for 24hrs.  Reduces the look of scars & stretch marks in 2 weeks.  R   95.00  R    44.00
6 09134 Buy Both:  4g Tissue Oil Lip Therapy and 30ml Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream SPF20.  Helps soothe and moisturise dry chapped lips. Helps reduce the look of redness in 8hours.  R 129.00  R    29.00
7 0826-0826 Buy Both. 30ml Tissue Oil Facial Treatment with Rosehip. Supplement your regimen by applying it after sun exposure to a cleansed face to reduce redness and smoothed skin.  R 349.00  R    89.00
8 4430-4430 Buy Both: 2x 100ml Carpe Diem Cologne.  A combination of fresh citrus notes and masculine notes of patchouli and cedar wood.  R 499.00  R   319.00
9 4486-4486 Buy Both:  50ml Tabasheer Eau De Parfum.  A blend of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley scent.  R 499.00  R   319.00
10 48556 50ml Tabasheer Ladies Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant.  Effective underarm protection.  R   26.00  R    13.00
10 05471 100ml Tabasheer Parfum Body Spray.  A blend of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley scent.  R   57.00  R    20.00
15 09300 Buy Both:  30ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Serum and 15ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Eye Cream.  Targets Dark Circles and Discolouration within just 7 days of use.  R 329.00  R   209.00
17 9301 Buy Both:  50ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Day Cream with SPF15 and 50ml A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Night Cream.  Moisturise & Protect with SPF15, Restores in 7days with a firmer look & feel in 28days.  R 499.00  R   159.00
20 04653 Spend More than R349 on PG20-23 and buy the 125ml A-Firm 2in1 Cleansing Toning Gel for only R69.  Cleanses and tones skin in one step to leave skin looking clean, purified and energised.  R   69.00  R   100.00
20 04580 30ml A-Firm Intensive Face & Neck Collagen Serum.  Increase Firmness of the neck and elasticity of the face in just 14 days of continued use.  R 309.00  R    50.00
21 00762 30ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Serum, Helps strenghten thinning skin to improve elasticity in 14 days.  R 325.00  R    94.00
21 00760 50ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 25 and Free A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkle eye cream.  Decreases wrinkle depth in 14 days,  and is formulated to help restore youthful, more radiant looking skin.  R 369.00  R    50.00
21 00761 50ml A-Firm Platinum Anti-Ageing Night Cream and Free A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkle eye cream.  Increases skin's smoothness and decreases wrinkle depth in only 7 days.  R 369.00  R    50.00
21 00758 15ml A-Firm Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.  Increases skin's hydration for up to 24 hours after a single application.    R 179.00  R    36.00
21 07682 20ml A-Firm Intensive Super Youth Regenerator. Reduce the look of wrinkles, Smooth rough skin and refine the look of pores in 3 days.  R 169.00  R    70.00
22 08686 30ml A-Firm Intensive Deep Wrinkle Eliminating Serum. Reduces deep wrinkles by stimulating collagen & cell renewal.  R 309.00  R    50.00
23 09303 Buy all 3: 50ml A-Firm Time Reversal Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 25, 50ml A-Firm Time Reversal Night Cream and 30ml Anti-Ageing Serum.  Helps skin look & feel firmer, Lifts & reshape skin for more youthful definition.  R 659.00  R   418.00
24 54101 50ml FortiGrain Night Cream.  Restore radiance, firm up & revive tired-looking skin with this overnight cream.  R 279.00  R    80.00
24 53220 50ml Fortigrain Day Cream.  Helps protect skin against sun damage, premature ageing free radicals & pollution.  R 279.00  R    80.00
25 09304 Buy Both: 15ml Fortigrain Revitalising Solution and the 100ml Fortigrain Facial Scrub.  Helps improve skin's firmness & texture, Accelerate cell renewal and Increases skins hydration.  R 219.00  R   149.00
26 7793-41865 150ml Balancing Foaming Cleanser and 200ml Balancing Toner.  Cleanse and Tones skin.  R 149.00  R    49.00
26 7678-41718 Buy Both:  150 Hydrating Cream Cleanser and 200ml Toining Gel. Now with Phytol, Cleanse Tone and Moisturise skin.  R 149.00  R    49.00
27 8706-53339 Buy Both:  150ml Hydrating Cream Cleanser and 50ml Hydrating Moisturising Day Cream SPF20.  With new Phytol know for its anti -ageing benefits and Avocado oil to Hydrate and soften dry skin.  Helps smooth the look of fine wrinkles.  R 149.00  R    49.00
28 41984 50ml Perfecting Day Cream SPF25.  Evens out skin tone while keeping it moisturised. With phytol and bearberry exctract.  R 155.00  R    34.00
28 41832 50ml Balancing Day Cream SPF15.  Now with Phytol. Nourishes cheeks & controls T-zone oiliness  R 155.00  R    34.00
28 41570 50ml Hydrating Day Cream SPF15.  Helps restore and retain skin's suppleness and hydration  R 155.00  R    34.00
28 41868 50ml Perfecting Night Cream.  With new Phytol, Reduces dark marks and uneven skin tone, while regenerating the look of dull skin.  R 155.00  R    34.00
28 41843 50ml Balancing Night Cream. Now with Phytol, Nourishes skin at night while keepin it at anormal PH level.  R 155.00  R    34.00
28 41644 50ml Hydrating Night Cream. Now with Phytol, Gives skin up to 25% more hydration in just 2 hours.  R 155.00  R    34.00
29 08828 50ml Hydro Surge Gel.  Skin loses its ability to hold moisture as it ages, resulting in dryness and sagging.  Essentials Hydro Surge Gel helps give dehydrated skin an intense moisture boost for up to 24hours no matter your age.  R 109.00  R    30.00
29 04603 50ml Special Treatment Cream Plus.  Formulated with plant-derived collagen, this cream help to improve skin's texture, nourish and soften skin, Leaving it soothed.  R 165.00  R    34.00
30 74118 50ml Oil Control Mattifying Gel Cream.  A lightweight, oil absorbing gel cream that mattifies and hydrates skin for up to 8 hours  R 105.00  R    20.00
30 74139 125g Oil Control Cleansing Bar.  Effectively deep cleanses oily, teenage and problem skin types without irritation.  R   49.00  R    10.00
30 74121 200ml Oil Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash.  Helps clarify and purify the skin, effectively treating blemishes and other symptoms normally associated with problem skin.  R 119.00  R    20.00
31 09305 Buy All 3 for R299 And Receive the 20ml Oil Control Spot Clearing Gel for FREE: 150ml Oil Control Anti-Blemish Facial Scrub, 200ml Oil Control Clarifying Toner and 50ml Oil Control Matte Effect Cream.  Removes dead skin, excess oil & promotes cell renewal  R 299.00  R   129.00
40 00752 150ml Tissue Oil Nourishing Body Protector.  A luxurious cream that nourishes and smoothes dry skin.  R 109.00  R    26.00
41 00772 30g Tissue Oil Multipurpose Moisture Balm.  Nourish dry skin, Nourish Cuticles, Soothe Sunburn.  R   99.00  R    16.00
41 00751 200ml Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter. New Formula.  Soften skin. Thick, luxurious formula that provides intense moisturisation for very dry skin.  R 139.00  R    70.00
43 82793 50ml Tissue Oil Face Cream for Oily Skin.  Clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin, and reduces UV sun damage within 2 weeks.  R 175.00  R    40.00
43 82779 50ml Tissue Oil Skin Repair Face Cream SPF20.  Helps Improve the appearance of past skin damage and redness  R 175.00  R    40.00
44 85407 50ml Tissue Oil Gold Facial Rejuvenation Cream.  Guaranteed Cell- Renewing resluts to provide anti ageing benefits that start within the first 24hours of use.  R 259.00  R    40.00
45 89905 50ml Tissue Oil Gold with SPF 25.  Gives a 24hr moisturisation and even skin tone and reduces pigmentation.  R 339.00  R   100.00
49 09308 Buy all 3: 50ml Carpe Diem Riche Roll On, 200ml Carpe Diem Riche Wash, 225 Carpe Diem Riche Deo Spray and 50ml Carpe Diem Riche Cologne.  Effective underarm protection.  R 369.00  R   133.00
53 09318 Buy All 3:  50ml Roll On and 200ml Red Extreme Hair and Body Wash, 100ml Red Extreme Cologne Spray. Adventurous side will be enticed by a scent laden with warm spices, a splash of lemon and bursting with leafy green adventure.  R 389.00  R   158.00
55 05473 100ml Cantare Ladies Parfum Body Spray. A Blend of Rose, Jasmine and ylang-ylang, enlivened by luscious patchouli and mandarin.  R   57.00  R    20.00
105 7124-7124 BONUS SIZE: X2 250ml  Body Balance Feminine Gentle Intimate Wash.  Contains a germ-fighting ingredient that helps neutralise odours.  Dermatologically tested and PH balanced.  R 155.00  R   135.00
105 67798 150ml Body Balance Feminine Gentle Intimate Wash with Camomile.  Gently Cleanses & Refreshes, PH-Balanced, Soap Free, Suitable for Sensitve Skin and Dermatologically Tested.  R   65.00  R    30.00
112 49157 50ml Carpe Diem Men's Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant.  Effective underarm protection.  R   26.00  R    13.00
112 49158 50ml Carpe Diem Riche Men's Anti-Perspirant Roll On Deodorant.  Effective underarm protection.  R   26.00  R    13.00
113 49058 50ml Cantare Roll-On Deodorant.  A Blend of Rose, Jasmine and ylang-ylang, enlivened by luscious patchouli and mandarin.  R   26.00  R    13.00
120 05720 225ml Carpe Diem Deodorant Spray.  A combination of fresh citrus notes and masculine notes of patchouli and cedarwood.  R   79.00  R    20.00
120 05721 225ml Carpe Diem Riche Deodorant Spray. A masculine base of musk, vetiver and cedarwood.  R   79.00  R    20.00