Directions for optimal use of sanitisers

  • The Perfume Gallery recommends limited use of ANY sanitiser, including TPG's.
    • Sanitisers should be used to decontaminate only when no other options are available such as washing your hands.
    • TPG even goes so far as to say PLEASE do not use our sanitiser, except if you are forced to use other sanitisers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then rather use ours.
  • TPG believes that our sanitizing recommendations will help to limit the harmful side-effects of over-sanitizing. People are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of being overexposed to a great variety of sanitizing agents, the origin of which are unknown.
  • Keep in mind that you are part of a living biosphere in the sense that if an agent is lethal to other living entities, it is probably harmful to you as well.
  • Microbiologically speaking, we are living in an "ocean" of organisms, most of which are not harmful but actually beneficial in the sense that their presence exactly makes it difficult for harmful or pathogenic organisms to thrive in the same space. Therefore, if one kills the "good" ones, the "bad" ones can take over.
  • TPG recommends that you use our spray pump dispensers of between 3ml and 30ml.  They dispense approximately 0.2ml per spray compared to over 1ml by the usual lotion pump type. In our opinion this over-expose your skin to sanitisers' harmful side effects.
  • By applying the bare minimum with a low volume spray pump, your exposure to the harmful effects of sanitizing is reduced by a factor of five. The usual lotion pumps deliver ~1.0ml.  (0.2ml v 1ml)
    • We recommend that you spray one or two sprays of TPG sanitiser only into the palms of your hands, rub them together, ensuring that the insides of your fingers are covered well.
  • We do not recommend rubbing it onto the back of your hands for two obvious reasons.
    • Nobody picks up items with the back of their hands.
    • The skin in the palms are far tougher than that of the back of the hands or the rest of the body.
  • This recommendation can be viewed as controversial since one can easily touch the back of your hand with your fingers. But we leave that call to our clients.
  • We recommend that you limit the exposure to sanitisers to your palms and fingers only, since this is the probable areas with which you come into contact with other objects
  • Adhering to this regimen, limits the possible over-exposure of your skin's micro biome to the harmful effects of excessive sanitizing.

Advantages of TPG formulated Allclears.com sanitisers

  • We have formulated our sanitiser with the lowest possible alcohol content to provide a level of anti-germ qualities that is comparable to the high alcohol content versions so widely advertised as being more effective. This is hardly the case. After 60%, ethanol’s efficacy hardly improves.
  • Our concern is that the “stronger is better” sanitiser perception could, after protracted use sans an efficient moisturizing agent, lead to painful, chapped skin conditions.
  • Pure ethanol is hydrophilic; therefore, it tends to dry out the skin. While it kills off good and bad skin flora quickly, it has no lasting effect.
  • Though sanitisers, mostly consist of alcohol, our review of available products indicate that many other chemicals are included in some sanitisers. This should concern people with sensitive skins.
    • TPG has based our formulation on the following requirements an effective sanitiser should have:
    • High quality denatured alcohol. We only use cosmetic grade alcohol from reputable suppliers
    • We have been using variants of proven ingredients in our products for many years. TPG was founded in 2000 and work closely with reputable suppliers.
    • We have formulated our sanitiser with a high level of non-toxic, hypoallergenic anti-bacterial moisturizing & humidifying agent, that will counter the drying effect of alcohol on the skin and prolongs the efficacy of the RNA denaturing agent we employ. (Covid-19 is an RNA based virus.)
    • Field tests indicate that the sanitiser does not dry out the skin.
    • We have included a low concentration aldehydic biocide that remains on the skin. It is unstable and will decompose over time into harmless, natural products.
  • Without this, pure alcohol-based sanitisers' efficacy is limited up to when it has evaporated. This means that soon as you touch something after it is dried, you can be contaminated again. This is not the case with TPG sanitiser. It leaves a window of ~30mins.
  • Please note that the aldehydic biocide in our sanitiser has been known to cause allergic effects in a low % of the general population. We monitor the feedback from clients and if need be, we will adapt our formulations to use alternative ingredients or to exclude ingredients that may cause skin irritation to some of our clients or provide sanitisers without this ingredient on request. However, these ingredients are widely used in the cosmetic industry and we are well within international standards.
  • Our sanitisers are FRAGRANCE FREE
    • Fragrance free sanitiser reduces sneezing and coughing should one find yourself in the company of hypersensitive individuals.
    • TPG sanitiser does not leave any lingering smell. TPG upon this route to avoid what is bothersome to most people confronted with being force sprayed with a host of different smelling lotions that builds up over time.
    • Insist upon using your own sanitiser, as the sanitiser market is not regulated, and you may risk being exposed to sanitiser formulations that was prepared by opportunists whose formulations has no scientific basis.
  • Your skin will become irritated much easier if constantly being exposed to different ingredients from different sanitisers, even of reputable brands.


  • Sanitising ingredients are available from most pharmacies,
    • Generally it is not cost effective to replicate due to not being able to realise bulk purchase savings from source suppliers and cost of related packaging and handling
  • Ingredients iro anti germ properties – lowest concentration possible for optimal anti germ properties
    • Denatured alcohol >60%
    • Aldehydic biocide that disrupts virus RNA and DNA < 0.2%
  • Other ingredients
    • non-toxic, hypoallergenic anti-bacterial moisturizing & humidifying agent / Aqua

Hazards and Safety


  • Highly flammable liquid and vapor.
  • Keep away from heat, sparks, smoking open flames
  • Prevention
  • Keep container closed
  • Avoid inhalation of vapors
  • Avoid contact with eyes and over exposure to skin
  • Avoid contact with clothing or sensitive materials such as your car’s interior


  • If inhaled: Move to well ventilated area, seek medical attention if breathing problems do not subside quickly
  • Eyes: Rinse carefully with water repeatedly until symptoms subside. Remove contact lenses. Seek medical attention if eye irritation does not subside
  • In case of fire: Use alcohol resistant foam, dry chemical, or CO2 fire extinguishers

Storage and disposal

  • Keep in cool ventilated area in an airtight sealed container, away from sparks, open flame, or any other heat source
  • Rinse container with warm water after use to remove flammable residue and allow to dry before disposal. Container can be refilled.
perfume gallery hand sanitisers

ALLclearS Hand Sanitisers

Loose items:

3ml R 10

10ml R 20

30ml R 30

300ml refill bottle R 150


Combo package:

R 300

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1 x 10ml refillable bottle

2 x 30ml refillable bottles

1 x 500ml glass refillable bottle

2 x 300ml moisturising sanitiser liquid

1 x gift bag