How can I make my perfume last longer?

When applying the perfume, hold the nozzle 8cm from the skin’s surface. Contrary to conventional practice – where the perfume is applied to the wrists and then rubbed – it is preferable to spray the perfume in a single, concentrated spot the size of a R5 coin onto the top, middle part of the forearm. Do not rub. This increases the fragrance’s longevity by up to 20%.
This is because your forearm has relatively few sweat glands that can adversely affect the fragrance. You wrist, however, has quite a lot of sweat glands that can spoil your favorite fragrance! Vigorously rubbing a perfume can heat it up that will affect the optimum dry down effect i.e how well it evaporates over time.

Do you also sell lotions that match the perfumes, e.g. Knowing body lotion?

We do not sell matched body lotions at this stage. We suggest that you acquire a good fragrance free lotion. You can then use our perfume to create your own body lotion. Simply add some perfume to the lotion until it meets your requirements.

Would you be able to refill the original perfume bottles?

We unfortunately do not refill original bottles any longer. It is normally a bit tricky to do. To remove the spray pump and to replace it carries the risk of breaking the bottle. The neck of most perfume bottles are very fragile. After one of our staff members cut themselves quite badly trying to remove the crimped on spray nozzle, we took a decision not refill original bottles any longer. We do however refill our own bottles and offer a discount of up to R20 when you do. (We mostly make use of screw on pumps) We feel it is much more environmentally friendly to reward our clients for not throwing away a bottle that can be recycled in this way.

How can I test your perfume?

We suggest that you visit one of our TPG stores and make use of our Mini Sprays in order to make an informed choice.

Do you have any Franchise opportunities available?

Unfortunately we do not have any Franchise opportunities available at this time. We will display details on our website when it becomes available. We do however have agent / reseller opportunities available - click on the following link to submit your details and start selling perfumes!

Who can I contact to ask for sponsorship of items for my event?

You can submit your details on the Contact Page with information about your event in order for us to consider sponsoring items for your event.

I am not able to visit any of the stores. Can I still order perfumes?

Yes! We have an online shop and we are able to post / courier perfumes across RSA. Here is a link to our online shop: shop.theperfumegallery.co.za


Some background on TPG Perfumes

Perfume Concentrate is an EXTRAIT concentrate used in our fragrances and is guaranteed to be at least 30% more concentrated than EDP and more than double the International Standard for an EDT. We strive to have fragrances that last at least 12 hours. The international standard for an EDT is 6 hours. We have many different women's fragrances and men's fragrances available. Our perfumes are made from only the finest A-Grade essences. Quality guaranteed or your money back!