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TPG respects your right to privacy and only uses personal information to enable your interaction with TPG and to comply with relevant legislation to ensure your information is handled safely.
TPG interprets and enhances olfactive characteristics of what we consider to be perfume masterpieces fit for any perfume devotee’s collection.
TPG Perfumes have no relation to other commercial perfume products and is created in it’s own unique packaging and trademarked brand. Any mention of other public information is for indicative purpose only as TPG curates and creates sought after perfumes for your delight.
At TPG, we believe in THE ART OF PERFUME, and we trust that you will enjoy our distinctive perfume experience to your heart’s content.
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Please note we do not carry all of Justine’s stock, only a selection of the current month’s specials. Check the specials tab & ask your local branch for their stock availability. The prices in the Justine brochure supersede our website and in-store

General Promotions (in-store):

  • 1 per customer per visit
  • While stock lasts
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers
  • Only valid while promotion on display
  • Offer only valid once your account has been activated and by presenting your noteworthy card
  • Buy one get 1 free offer: Lowest priced fragrance of the 2 will be free.

Terms & Conditions (Online Purchases):

  • Delivery: We make use of a 3rd party service provider and we will not be held liable for late deliveries / no refunds will be given
  • Delivery service: Courier company will only make 2 attempts to deliver the parcel, the parcel will then be returned to your closest depot / TPG branch for collection / no refunds of shipping charges will be given
  • Returns policy: Please notify us within 7 days from date of purchase via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and return the parcel to your nearest branch (shipping / delivery on client’s own account)
  • While stock lasts
  • Online purchase offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers
  • Refunds will only be given / warrantees only valid to products that are in original packaging

Noteworthy Card:

1. The Perfume Gallery noteworthy programme is a no cost benefit programme, our members can only receive benefits from the programme with no risk of associated costs
1.1. Deals – special limited offer deals :
1.1.1. Valid only while deal is on display, TPG will have the sole discretion as to how long a deal will be valid
1.1.2. One per customer unless indicated otherwise
1.1.3. Different deal/discount benefits may not be combined
1.1.4. Any discount voucher can only be redeemed with a valid noteworthy card
1.1.5. Any Gift with Purchase offer can only be claimed with a valid noteworthy card
1.1.6. Mini Spray Gift with purchase on 30ml or larger fragrances requires a valid noteworthy card
1.1.7. Deals are valid while stocks last, unless indicated otherwise
1.2. Discounts
1.2.1.  applicable to refill of bottles / discouragement of being wastefull
1.2.2. Bags and Boxes discounts: Discounts will only apply on fragrance purchases of 10ml or more
1.2.3. Bottle refill discounts: The Discount will only apply when the same fragrance is being refilled Refill discounts will only apply to a purchase of the same fragrance that was originally purchased, because it is easy to compromise a fragrance when residue of the previous fragrance remains washing the bottles uses a significant amount of hot water and manual labour a new pump will be required
1.2.4. Refill and packaging discounts only apply to normal priced products and refill and packaging discounts cannot be claimed on promotional deal offers
1.2.5. Mini Gifts, Mini Sprays, Samples etc smaller than 10ml: Unfortunately we do not refill these fragrances or offer discounts on returning with the relevant container However, it is easy to refill these yourself by acquiring a 10ml or larger fragrance!
1.3. Rewards
1.3.1. Reward$ (normal spend) Points Reward$ Points can only be earned on the actual Rand amount spend in cash, and thus excludes all vouchers and any form of discount that may apply on a sale Reward$ points can only be redeemed against products that are loaded as reward redeemable products on TPG’s point of sale system (promotional deal offers will usually be excluded) Please check with the sales assistant on duty which products qualifies for redemption with Reward$ Points Rewards will be adjusted to reflect refunds or other events which result in a reversal of an eligible transaction which earned rewards Reward$ Points cannot be topped up with other methods of payment to acquire products
1.3.2. Reward+ (non-spend) Points – This benefit will be activated in the future Reward+ (non-spend) Points will be treated separately from normal  Reward$ (normal spend) Points Reward+ Points can be used to qualify for a reward rebates on purchases of up to 30% of normal priced merchandise
1.3.3. General aspects on Reward$ and Reward+ Points Points cannot be used in conjunction with packaging and refill discounts Points my not be redeemed if expired Points will lapse after 36 months Points can be verified at any of The Perfume Gallery outlets Redemption of Points only apply to normal priced products No change can be given on redemption of reward points Points may not be redeemed for cash, credit or any other consideration. Points hold no value outside of the noteworthy programme Points are personal to the cardholder and may not be sold, combined or transferred with the account of any other person Members must present a valid noteworthy card to redeem Points Points can be earned by providing a noteworthy membership card or identification number and alternative proof of identification (such as a valid ID, passport or drivers licence)
1.4. Partners
1.4.1. Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions by a cardholder includes acceptance that the The Perfume Gallery has or may have contractual agreements with Partners and Affiliates
1.4.2. If these contractual agreements changes at any time, The Pefume Gallery may similarly vary the terms and conditions applicable to Cardholders. By continued participation in The Perfume Gallery noteworthy programme after such changes, the cardholder agrees to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions
1.4.3. The Perfume Gallery may, in its sole and absolute discretion, add or remove partners from the noteworthy programme at any time without any notice being required. In the event that a partner is removed from the noteworthy programme for any reason, the Cardholder may claim any benefits directly from the partner involved if benefits relating to that partner was accrued
1.4.4. Earning and spending rewards on eligible products will be subject ro the relevant partners conditions of purchase. All returns and refunds of products and/or services purchased with the noteworthy card will be subject to the relevant partners returns and refund policy
1.4.5. The Perfume Gallery shall not be responsible for the failure of partners to provide any products and/or services
1.4.6. Cardholders shall have no rights against The Perfume Gallery if a partner breaches its contractual obligations to The Perfume Gallery, or refuses to redeem or grant a cardholder any benefits.
1.5. Privacy
1.5.1. The Perfume Gallery is committed to protect the privacy of our members and we shall take reasonable steps to protect and secure personal information
1.5.2. The best way to identify our members is with an ID or passport number to ensure that your benefits accrues to you!
1.5.3. The information you share with us enables us to send you relevant offers that you would otherwise not know about
1.5.4. We will not share member details with third parties outside of our partner and affiliate programme
1.5.5. Cardholders may indicate if they do not wish to receive communication of marketing material (thus you will not receive notification of special offers and benefits such as birthday vouchers. Only refill and packaging discounts will apply as well as reward points on in store purchases)
1.6. General :
1.6.1. The Perfume Gallery may amend the terms and conditions of the noteworthy programme from time to time without notice
1.6.2. The Perfume Gallery will make every effort to transfer and convert any accrued existing benefits, if applicable
1.6.3. The Perfume Gallery may suspend a member from the program without notice if fraud is suspected
1.6.4. Membership to the noteworthy programme is offered at the sole discretion of The Perfume Gallery and The Perfume Gallery may accept or reject any applications for membership or suspend or terminate any cardholder’s membership without any prior notice to that effect being required
1.6.5. The Perfume Gallery will at its sole discretion determine which products qualify for the programme and related benefits that may accrue to members
1.6.6. The programme is operated on a “no cost” basis. Thus at no time will the client be financially affected negatively. Only benefits can be accrued
1.6.7. Please visit a branch or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any queries relating to this programme
*Error and Ommisions excepted