About The Perfume Gallery

Our perfumes are all A-Grade essence equivalents of popular perfumes available commercially. Our 12Hrs EXTRAIT perfume range cater for those that prefer a bolder and longer lasting fragrance. Ideal for well ventilated open areas. Our 6HRs EDT perfume range cater for those that prefer a subtle dry down profile and still offers a good longevity. Ideal for intimate settings, enclosed spaces or for those that are prone to hay fever or allergies.

We strive to have fragrances that last at least 12 hours.The international standard for an EDT is 6 hours. We offer a money back guarantee on all our fragrances if you are not satisfied with our quality.

We suggest that you visit one of our stores and make use of our Mini Sprays in order to make an informed choice. Make sure to enquire about our Noteworthy Loyalty Card programme for deals, discounts & rewards (see the Noteworthy page for more info)

Hope to see you at one of our branches soon!


The Perfume Gallery